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Spa Manager

What is a Spa Manager Role?

A spa manager, or spa director, oversees all aspects of running the day-to-day operations of a spa in the following aspects: the staff, finances, and facility management. As a spa manager, your responsibilities include interviewing, hiring, and training employees, managing schedules and staff related issues, and tending to the needs of guests.

A spa manager is basically responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a spa, and ensuring that it runs smoothly and efficiently. This role requires excellent organizational, leadership, and communication skills. On top of managing employees, the spa manager is also responsible for developing and implementing spa policies and procedures, creating and managing budgets, and ensuring that the spa meets its revenue targets. They also oversee the development of new spa treatments, the marketing of the spa, and the management of customer relations.

In addition to managing employees and operations, spa managers are also responsible for ensuring that the spa provides exceptional customer service to its clients. This involves developing and implementing customer service standards, crafting and perfecting a pristine customer journey, training staff on how to provide excellent service, and ensuring that client feedback is taken into account in the development of new treatments and services. Spa managers must also ensure that the spa is compliant with all relevant health and safety regulations, and that staff are trained in all necessary safety procedures.

What does a Spa Manager do?

Being in a leadership role is not for everyone and this will require a candidate that is comfortable in leading a team. Let’s look deeper in each different categories that a spa manager will have to oversee:

Employee management & growth:

It is the responsibility of the spa manager to train & develop the team in order to help the spa achieve their ultimate financial goals. They will achieve this by executing an effective onboarding procedural plan that captures the spa culture while instilling confidence in new staff through proper training, knowledge of policies, and integration into the workplace. Monitoring KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) will be crucial in order for the Spa Manager to understand where there would be areas of opportunities for either the staff or spa environment. 

Inventory and ordering:

The spa manager is responsible to track all products (retail and backbar) to ensure that the spa is always afloat in terms of inventory. This will require recognizing operational needs by implementing processes to aid with strategic ordering, inventory management, functional client scheduling, and maintaining OSHA compliance procedures.


Communicate financial literacy through KPIs, payroll procedures, and budgeting practices. Leading by example, committing to coaching employees on financial wellness, and aiding teams in compensational growth plans.

Growth Strategies and Marketing:

Evaluate what Sales and Marketing tactics work best for your customers. Learn how to engage and grow your social media accounts. Learn to evaluate and research what type of events, promotions, strategic partnerships, and membership options will reach your unique clientele. For example, overseeing retention rate is a common KPI that will be tracked by the spa manager. One of their responsibilities is to maintain a valid customer journey that will help retain the clientele. This is an ongoing task that will always need “tweaking” as the times evolve. 

How to pay a Spa Manager

The spa manager is s support role, therefore will not be paid the same as a service provider. A Spa manager will typically be paid a straight salary and will get bonuses throughout the year when certain goals are achieved. Some of these goals will be:

  1. A monthly percentage on memberships retained after the initial period (if you have a membership program.)
  2. A yearly percentage of top line revenue (this helps the spa manager stay motivated, because if the spa succeeds, they do as well!) 

The salary can depend from state to state, but generally speaking a 50K base salary is a common place to start when hiring a Spa Manager. 

How to know if you’re the right person for this position

Do you need a Spa Manager in your Spa, or know that one of your employees would be great for this role? The Spa Manager Certification course provided by Addo Wellness Institute (AWI) is a 14-week, comprehensive, hybrid program. Students will learn Human Resource management practices, leadership initiatives, spa management software, business strategy, organizational growth potential, employee relations, event planning, and more. The Spa Manager Certification course also provides students with resume-building coursework and job placement assistance. Our students will participate in an interactive virtual classroom setting, individual assignments, examinations, and a 2-day live, in-person event. AWI’s goal and promise to its students is to create strong leaders who impact their organizations.

If you’re ready to take a load off of your task board and hire or train the perfect person for your Spa, apply today.

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