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Committed to a thriving aesthetic community

Learn About Spa Training at the Addo Wellness Institute

As spa professionals and aesthetic entrepreneurs ourselves, we know the rigors of the industry firsthand. We’ve been overwhelmed, lost on the job and between jobs. We’ve been in nearly every set of shoes that the industry has to offer, from first-timers to seasoned owners/operators. It’s this experience that makes the Addo Wellness Institute what it is today.

Simply put, our goal is to strengthen the next generation of spa managers, spa social media managers, and spa executive assistants so that they can lead with purpose. When you’re armed with the knowledge and skill set you need to thrive in the aesthetic industry, you deliver meaningful outcomes for your employer and yourself. It’s really that simple.

Our coursework has been curated by decades of experience to fully leverage our knowledge of the industry. So, are you ready to overcome your overwhelm and make a difference for yourself and your clients? Contact the Addo Wellness Institute today.

Spa Training & Job Placement for Aesthetic Professionals Everywhere

To learn more about our learning programs, including our networking events, contact us today or apply online.

Get the Skills You Need to Choose Your Own Adventure

We know the feeling. After a particularly hard day, or after a day so normal it barely registers at all, you sense the need for a new career. At Addo Wellness Institute, we help aspiring aesthetic professionals from all walks of life take charge of their trajectories. Tired nurses, bored managers, overworked estheticians, and constantly moving military spouses need options that won’t sap their energy or cause the kind of claustrophobia common in work we don’t enjoy. At Addo Wellness Institute, we supply a different path forward—one that prioritizes your wants, needs, and must-haves.

Learn more about our career pathways or head to our admissions page to apply online today. We can’t wait to see the spa professional you become!