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Learn to Craft & Curate Expert Campaigns

Online Digital Marketing Courses for the Aesthetic Industry

Modern spa businesses need exceptional digital campaigns to make a splash in their local markets. As a spa social media manager, you’ll create compelling content across numerous platforms to drive brand awareness and bring in business. But first, you’ll need an update on the latest tricks and tools alongside the foundational marketing principles that separate fine campaigns from great ones. At Addo Wellness Institute, we teach these skills and so much more.

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Making Your Case to the Masses, One Post at a Time

Ideal for remote workers, transitioning professionals, and military spouses, our social media manager certification reinforces time-tested and emerging marketing skills. Students will learn a multimodal approach for connecting interested customers with their brand and business, bringing in revenue and increasing market share.

During our 14-week SMM (Social Media Management) course, students will use imagery, podcasts, paid ads, and organic content marketing to supercharge awareness and interest. With small class sizes, students get the networking and developmental opportunities they need to strategize and execute next-level campaigns.

For industry insiders and newcomers alike, our spa social media manager certification sharpens existing skills while introducing new concepts for ultimate competency.

Spa Social Media Manager Certification Skills

  • Social Media Platforms
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Podcasts
  • Analytics
  • Paid Marketing Strategies
  • Search Engine Optimization

Three Steps to Spa Social Media Manager Certification

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Apply Online

Elect a member of your organization or apply yourself to get started with the training you need to craft marketing campaigns.

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14-Week Hybrid Learning

Through a combination of online classwork & training with our staff, you’ll get the skills you need to market to anyone anywhere.

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Graduation & Job Placement

After your graduation ceremony, you’ll return to your employer or find eager spas looking for someone just like you.

Leverage Social Media to Drive Revenue & Independence

Content creation and marketing strategies can happen anywhere, opening doors for first-timers, transitioning professionals, and military spouses alike. Spa businesses across the country need an expert hand at the marketing wheel. With just 14 weeks learning courses, you could be that expert. Learn how to craft and combine multimedia marketing campaigns for any service offering while increasing your independence and launching a new career. With networking events throughout and job placement opportunities after graduation, the Addo Wellness Institute social media manager certification is win-win for developing spa professionals and existing businesses nationwide.

Apply online today or select a member of your organization to rise to the occasion. We can’t wait to see you grow into a digital marketing expert!