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Proudly supporting aesthetic professionals

A Revolutionary, Hybrid-Learning Spa Business Training Academy

At Addo Wellness Institute, we position aesthetic professionals to succeed by supplying them with the skills they need to thrive. Through a combination of online classes and in-person networking and educational events, you and your employees get the tools you need to bolster team structure and processes.

As a registered nurse, esthetician, or entrepreneur, you’re interested in the aesthetic industry because you have a passion for beauty and a knack for service. As a military spouse, you’re looking for a stimulating field where you can make an impact remotely or from place to place. Our 14-week hybrid-learning courses are designed for spa owners, spa managers, and spa social media managers. Choose a pathway for yourself or an employee and get one step closer to your dream today.

Our Aesthetic Career Training Pathways

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Spa Manager Certification

From leadership and operations to finance, sales, and marketing, you’ll learn the essentials of operating an aesthetic business through our 14 weeks of curated coursework. Huddle up with like-minded professionals who have been where you are to learn time-tested approaches for turning a profit, staying in charge, and being the capital “B” Boss.

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Spa Social Media Manager Certification

Ideal for military spouses and others who need flexibility, this certification covers the basics before launching into the different social media platforms. You’ll learn and practice content creation, content strategy, email marketing, podcasts, and analytics so that you can put your business on blast for everyone to notice. Job placement is available after graduation.

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Spa Virtual Front Desk Certification

For developing professionals and breakout stars, this certification improves your existing skill set while expanding it to grow your role. You’ll learn to provide unparalleled support to your owner/operator while managing staff through the day-to-day rigors of providing exceptional care. After developing your inventory, maintenance, customer service, and safety skills, job placement is available.

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About Addo Wellness Institute Spa Business Training

At Addo Wellness Institute, we combine our decades of experience in coaching aesthetic professionals with some of the leading entrepreneurs, experts, and instructors of today. Our 14-week certification programs introduce you to instructors, colleagues, and established industry professionals. Job placement is available for spa executive assistants and social media managers after graduation.

Started by a military spouse and aesthetic coach, Addo Wellness Institute welcomes beginners, developing professionals, and entrepreneurs of all backgrounds. Our small class sizes foster an intimate learning environment and allow skills, connections, and mentorships to thrive without barriers. Are you ready for freedom, flexibility, and financial growth? Apply online today.

Launch or Grow Your Aesthetic Career with Addo Wellness Institute

To train confident, capable, fulfilled aesthetic professionals, Addo Wellness Institute fosters both sides of success—the personal and the professional. For us, success looks like a booming aesthetic industry with self-made owners, operators, and managers leveraging their skills to achieve their dreams. We lead with compassion, reinforce with unwavering support, and help students make connections that last a lifetime.

Sign up for the pathway that speaks to you most and look forward to a stronger team, seamless processes, and the freedom you deserve to make your impact in the spa industry.