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The team at Addo Wellness Institute
Pairing the Perfect Person with the Perfect Employer

Post-Graduation Aesthetic Job Placement in Spas Nationwide

At Addo Wellness Institute, we’re committed to strengthening the industry by educating and creating the next generation of spa professionals—but we don’t stop there. To keep our industry growing and vibrant, we offer expert job placement services after graduation through our network of thousands of spa owners nationwide. Recent Addo graduates have the skills they need to fill open positions straight away, bolstering the industry and their careers at the same time.

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Pairing Employers & Addo Wellness Institute Grads

For recent graduates without a current employer, our job placement network connects budding professionals with the spas that need them. Executive assistants and spa managers can choose from numerous in-person opportunities in their local area. Those open to relocation may also find eager employers with excellent benefits and positions that need to be filled immediately.

For social media management graduates, remote work opportunities abound at eager spas nationwide. Regardless of the spa certification pathway you choose, you’ll have the Addo network of spa businesses at your disposal, allowing you to immediately use the skills you’ve learned to advance your career and meet the needs of your new spa!

With our job placement services, you won’t have to worry about putting your newly honed skills to work. Our graduates transition from the classroom to the office almost instantly.

Advantages of Addo Wellness Institute Job Placement

  • Local Opportunities
  • Relocation Opportunities
  • Remote Work Opportunities
  • Leading Industry Employers
  • Expert Guidance & Placement
  • Open to All Graduates
  • Seamless Transition
  • Industry Revitalization & Growth

Three Steps to Spa Certification Job Placement

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Apply Online

Find a career pathway that piques your interest and apply online to get started toward your dream career!

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Get the Skills You Need

Hone your skill set during online coursework, including networking opportunities & graduation.

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Job Placement

Describe your ideal responsibilities, location, & work environment (in-person/remote) to the Addo team & let us do the rest!

Embark on Your New Journey as a Spa Professional!

At Addo Wellness Institute, our commitment to the aesthetic industry is every bit as powerful as our dedication to students. By teaching the skills spa professionals need and pairing them with ideal employers, we’re fostering the future of our industry and empowering professionals to grow their dream careers. For those transitioning from nursing, therapy, clerical, or hospitality positions, our job placement resources make all the difference. And for military spouses looking to work remotely from base to base, our network of spa businesses offers the perfect opportunity.

Find a job you love with a compassionate employer and start living the life you’ve fantasized about! At Addo Wellness Institute, your next phase of success and satisfaction begins with an online application.